We are a design, letterpress, silkscreen and etching studio specializing in hand-printed art and ephemera (cards, invitations and the like). We produce both contract work according to the specifications of our clients, and publish fine art prints in collaboration with artists we admire and with whom we choose to work. We do job-printing that can be coupled with any of our illustrations and designs. At Banshee we love the tradition of printmaking for its elegance, reliability, process and tactile feel. Our printing is reminiscent of a time when quality artisan printing and beauty in craftsmanship were an everyday phenomenon. Whether you are seeking the perfect invitation, business card, stationery, gift, or more, we will happily work with you to transmit your vision to paper.



At Banshee Press our goal is to foster a broader appreciation and understanding of art. By working closely with clients and artists to produce only the highest standard of quality we strive to bring fine hand-made art into the lives of more people. We do not sell reproductions of work made photo-mechanically. Instead we infuse each piece of work with our care, craftsmanship and hands-on attention.

All too often the current fine art market is portrayed (often rightly so) as an expensive and elitist genre. Banshee works against this inaccessibility by representing artists of a younger generation whose work demands a refreshed outlook on the future of the printmaking medium and its potential. We also strive to provide our art at a more accessible price hoping to foster a new generation of art collectors who understand the value of a hand-pulled print versus a mass-produced reproduction.



Britt Madden is the owner of Banshee Press. She is an artist, printmaker and outdoors lover who works in more techniques than she has machines to execute. She holds a BFA in printmaking from the University of Denver. Britt decided one day that if she ventured nothing, she gained nothing, and now she proudly follows her passion with her best friend, Ava.

Ava Goldberg is a graduate of Oregon College of Art and Craft where she majored in book arts.  Along with learning how to bind books, she discovered the delights of letterpress, silkscreen and intaglio.  Ava is a stickler for good registration and perfect Pantone colors.  When not pressing ink to paper for Banshee Press, she enjoys designing handmade leather bags under the moniker "Animal Handmade" and heckling her shop mate, Britt.