How to Order


In order to begin the creative process, we need to collect very important details that will determine the outcome and the cost of the job. Our minimum order is $100. Please send us an email or give us a phone call with the following specifics and we will begin to create your estimate:

  • What are you ordering? Business cards, posters, stationery, invitations, rsvp cards, menus, etc.
  • Will you need design or illustration work or do you already have a design?
  • What technique are you hoping to utilize? Letterpress, silkscreen, etching, or a combination?
  • What are your quantities?
  • Do you have specific paper choices and paper colors in mind?
  • How many sides will we be printing on?
  • Do you have PMS ink colors, or general ink colors you would like?
  • What are the dimensions of each (if you are ordering more than one)?
  • Are there any finishing requirements? (e.g. binding, ribbons, gluing, die cutting)
  • What is your desired finish-by date?
  • What is your contact information?



When we receive your information we will may set up a consult by phone or plan to meet you in person to discuss your project. If you would like us to design the artwork for your job, please send us any ideas you may have related to the theme, styling or genre you would like us to follow. If none exist, don’t worry! We can help you.



After we have assembled your information and reviewed the job as a whole we can provide you with an estimate for the cost of your job. This quote is simply an estimate and is not set in stone. We still have work to do, and things can change as we move forward in the project process. If our costs increase due to changes in the job specification, or other unforeseen reasons, we will amend the project quote, and may require additional deposit to proceed with the job.

If you are utilizing custom design, your estimate covers the cost of the time we put into making your design and one round of revisions. We hope to complete your design 2-3 weeks from the time we receive your deposit depending on the job.



Upon your approval of our estimate we require a 50% deposit. We will send you a contract via email, and if necessary a Google Doc, where you can enter the information we need from you, such as your menu or wedding invite wording.



We can begin printing your work once we:

  1. receive your signed contract
  2. secure a 50% non-refundable deposit for the quoted job
  3. create your design files, or receive your designed files and have you approve the design via digital proof pdf

Normally, we hope to complete your job within 3 weeks from your approval date, plus 3-10 business days for shipping. Depending on the size and detail of the job, this may be adjusted. We can rush jobs for an additional cost of 30%



Before we ship, or you pick up your project we require your final full payment. Shipping costs will be added into this final sum. Once received, we use Fedex to ship our products unless otherwise requested. We do not accept responsibility for any damage that occurs during shipping.